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    “La Vecchia Fattoria” Cheese Factory

    “La Vecchia Fattoria” by Lo Piccolo Fabrizio is a cheese factory inaugurated in 2008 on the island of Vulcano, in the Aeolian archipelago, becoming the spokesman of a family tradition.

    The main purpose is to produce cheeses, ricotta, provola and mozzarella, following the original recipe, using milk produced by goats and cows free to graze on the slopes of the crater, as tradition dictates. The goats are of the vulcanara breed originating in the islands and the products of their milk are a delicacy for the connoisseurs.

    The cheeses produced are the “first salt”, simple, seasoned or seasoned (chili, capers, walnuts, olives, dried tomatoes, pistachio rocket, black pepper …). Ricottas can be either fresh or baked, soft or to be grated.

    We offer the opportunity to immerse themselves in these delicacies, perhaps at the end of a tiring excursion on the volcano. All this through a visit by Mr. Fabrizio himself who will end in a series of unmissable tastings.

    15,00 IVA incl.
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    “Sapori Eoliani” Agricola Rossello

    The Roberto Rossello Farm is characterized by work, tradition and love for the land. All this is Sapori Eoliani, a long history of generations, which has its roots in the beautiful Pollara, in Salina.

    All the products come from the Green Island, where for a long time the De Lorenzo family has lovingly cultivated its capers and its cucunci, until they became a well-known brand and Slow Food presidium. It is from the passion and dedication of the founder of Sapori Eoliani, Giuseppe De Lorenzo, that the capers of Salina have become a recognized symbol not only of the Green Island, but of the whole archipelago.

    The production is varied and ranges from cucunci, capers, peppers, jams, preserves and much more. In May it is possible to attend the gathering of capers, but during the entire spring and summer season the kind Maurizia De Lorenzo will welcome you in her estate for an instructive visit and the tasting of a typical Aeolian lunch.

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    Aeolian tourist guides

    The Aeolian Islands are defined the islands of wind and fire: thanks to their enchanting sea, to the volcanoes among the most active of the earth, to places rich in myths and legends, to the sublime colors of the black volcanic rocks, to the blue of the sea and of the sky and the green of its vegetation. Therefore these islands cause in the visitor’s heart a fever that bewitches.
    Full of houses in pink, light blue and pastel ocher, of remains of ancient civilizations, inebriating aromas of aromatic plants, of a tasty and refined gastronomy, they are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

    For those who want to know the history of the area we offer:
    The capital of the Archipelago: the populous Lipari. Rich of past history, it boasts an immense and particular archaeological patrimony testified by the remains and furnishings of living presences dating back to 4500 BC. C. up to the Roman epoch of the II sec. d. There will be no lack of your guided tour of the Castle of Lipari, fortress – Aeolian bulwark where it is said that Aeolus had his residence, which contains 5000 years of history in its acropolis; from the original Neolithic village to the Spanish fortress, passing through Greek, Roman, Saracen, Norman and more. A story as old as the time told in the incredible Luigi Bernabò Brea museum.
    A visit to the natural baths of San Calogero, active up to the last century and host to the only Mycenaean Tholos outside the Greek borders, is also offered.
    The worldly Panarea, destination of countless sailboats and yachts sailing in a cobalt blue sea, offers interesting nature trails that culminate with a visit to the famous Neolithic village of Punta Milazzese.
    For those who want to experience the island surrounded by aromatic vegetation
    Salina the “superb” is ready to welcome you, so drinking that liqueur wine, nectar of the gods, called Malvasia or simply walking on the island of the “Postman” of the actor Massimo Troisi. In the routes offered you can visit the Saracen Caves, where the population was hiding during pirate raids, or you can stop at the archaeological site of Portella; the remains of an authentic Bronze Age village.

    For those wishing to carry out trekking activities, climb up to the volcanoes
    We offer you Stromboli and Vulcano, so you will understand why the Aeolian Islands appear on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. In fact, their Strombolian and Vulcan activities have helped to characterize many of the earth’s volcanoes.

    For lovers of the essential and a lifestyle in close contact with nature
    Alicudi and Filicudi, keeping away from the routes beaten by tourists, offer peace and silence with unforgettable views.

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    Alicudi and Filicudi, between nature and tradition

    Living the wildest islands of the archipelago is the most important experiential activity for lovers of the Aeolian Islands.
    Alicudi and Filicudi offer activities that go back in time and allow visitors to be more in touch with the magic of the archipelago.

    With adequate notice it will be possible to organize excursion activities on both peaks of the islands, among arbutus bushes and Mediterranean scrub. Stopping at the numerous archaeological sites belonging to the Neolithic civilization of Capo Graziano that thrived in the archipelago millennia ago.

    It will also be possible, on request, to experience night fishing with squid with local fishermen.

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    Fenech Agricultural Company

    The Fenech Agricultural Company is a historic activity in Salina, near Malfa, which offers guided tours of its production. A path of the island can only end by biting the flavors of Aeolian in this vineyard overlooking the sea, strong of the unique relationship with a nature still untouched.

    Between April and October the company offers guided tours of the vineyards, tastings of its wines and tastings of typical products of the island.

    The main productions include:

    Malvasia D.O.C.
    Perciato Rosso di Sicilia I.G.T.
    Perciato Bianco di Sicilia I.G.T.
    Grappa of Malvasia
    Capers of Salina

    15,00 IVA incl.
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    Hauner winery

    The Carlo Hauner Company, founded in 1968 by the homonymous designer from Brescia, has become a certainty for the entire Sicilian and national wine scene.
    In addition to the wonderful work done on Malvasia delle Lipari, the entire production gives intense emotions, tracing in every wine an extremely fascinating and characteristic organoleptic scent of the land in which it is born. The labels produced faithfully reflect the dictates of the territory; to complete a long winemaking tradition, contributing to the enhancement of Salina’s wine production.
    The careful and passionate family management follows the winemaking in all its phases offering the certainty of a correct transformation, to obtain a high quality product with an absolutely genuine and natural taste.

    The winery, managed by Andrea Hauner, offers tasting tours and visits to wine production in the period between April and October.

    The main products include:

    Hierà Rosso Hauner
    Saline Bianco Hauner
    Malvasia Passita Hauner
    Capers of Salina

    15,00 IVA incl.
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    Honey of Lipari

    Unknown to tourists, in an area difficult to reach the island, on the top of a small mountain lies, in Lipari, a retired doctor who prepares one of the best organic honeys you can taste in your life.
    During one of our nature trails you can request to stay in the estate of Dr. Iacolino, amateur beekeeper, who will explain in detail the difficulties and the merits of a unique honey production in the islands: the millefiori of rare black Sicilian bees.

    The result is exceptionally sweet, with antioxidant capacity ten times higher than the average and a taste that makes you taste even for non-honey lovers.
    Hurry up though, since strictly organic and natural production offers only a few hundred kilograms of product a year and could end soon.

    12,00 IVA incl.
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    Malvasia of the crater

    In the evocative setting of the extinct crater of Monte Giardina you can visit the verdant vineyards of Mr. Losinno Bartolo which are a recommended stop, if you are dedicating yourself to excursions inland, and in any case a recommended destination for wine lovers. Here you can taste the most traditional version of Malvasia Passito, more dense and sweet than any other in the islands.
    It will also be possible to taste and buy the characteristic raisin of Lipari, whose production is being reborn in the islands after having almost completely disappeared in the post-war period.

    The sales point managed by Mr Bartolo’s daughter can also be reached on the port.

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    Stromboli Excursions

    Stromboli offers an almost unparalleled excursion opportunity. We offer you the opportunity to take part in a guided excursion that goes up the volcano up to 918 meters.
    The ascent starts three hours before sunset and during the climb you can watch peregrine falcons, Aeolian goats and other animals, until you reach the evening’s creek above the active crater of Stromboli.
    In the darkness of the night you can watch the iconic and dazzling eruptions of lapilli, which will release their debris on the sciara of the fire for a long descent to the sea.

    The tour provides pick-up service at the pier, but does not include the mandatory equipment rental prior to the climb. Path length: 6 hours.

    40,00 IVA incl.
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    Tenuta of Castellaro

    For lovers of a cutting-edge wine production; combining tradition and innovation, there is no better place in Lipari than Tenuta di Castellaro.

    The company was born from the recovery of the volcanic soils and from the careful selection of the oldest autochthonous vines of the Aeolian archipelago.
    The vineyards entirely reared in alberello Etneo and under organic conditions, give life to a variety of natural blends with great organoleptic and qualitative potential.

    Let yourself be amazed by the poetry of an uncontaminated scenic territory, painted with the colors of the wind, the sun and the crystalline sea.
    Let yourself be enthralled by the tasting of wines with an ancestral taste, elegant and indefinable.
    Let yourself be involved in activities and events where the love for wine and the beauty of nature come together in an exclusive context … for a wellbeing of the senses to be experienced!

    Hospitality develops through internal and external spaces: places for sharing values ​​where human intervention is full of respect and the use of technology is aimed at enhancing the excellence of a thousand-year tradition. The tour includes tour of the vineyards, explanation by certified sommeliers and tastings of the typical products of the winery:

    – White Pumice
    – White Porticello
    – Rosa Caolino
    – Obsidian Black
    – Corinth
    – The Eighth Island
    – Malvasia delle Lipari

    30,00 IVA incl.